If you are an entrepreneur at the UOC you are no longer alone

Services for entrepreneurs

Hubbik provides support adapted to each stage of your business project:

Validation of the idea
Validation of the idea
  • Training (workshops, capsules, MOOC) on the identificacion of the business idea.
  • Networking programme to help you train your team and validate the business idea.
Market entry
Market entry
  • Training in business aspectes.
  • Counseling in developing the business plan.
  • Mentoring programme.
  • Support in the results protection strategy.
  • Support for incubation.
  • Training, mentoring and counselling.
  • Guidance in finding sector-specific external acceleration programmes.
  • Guidance in sourcing funding.

Programmes about Entrepreneurship


Invergy is a company that invests in spin-offs and start-ups  in the education and ICT sectors that are linked to the UOC’s areas of expertise. The entrepreneurial initiatives come from the whole innovation system around the University.

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