For researchers

We assess and transfer the results of your research

Hubbik for researchers

Hubbik helps you get your research project started and we support you in the results transfer process. We assess whether a proof-of-concept study is required or whether the technology needs to be protected, and we provide support in defining the best route for exploiting it and help in licensing the knowledge generated to companies.

  • Our start-ups give innovative solutions as a result
  • An opportunity for the research groups to take part in developing these new products and services
  • This participation promotes the emergence of synergies to develop joint technological solutions
  • You play a fundamental role in the dynamization of open innovation processes
  • You are a member of a large community that has expertise in scientific areas
  • Your presence is key for improving methodologies, generating new applications or creating solutions adapted to the user
  • We promote and help you develop your R&I projects
  • We identify the results with potential
  • We define the strategy for transferring the results to companies
  • We facilitate agreements with companies and advise you when creating a spin-off