Investing in education and ICT spin-offs and start-ups that can make a great social impact

What is Invergy?

Invergy is a company that invests in spin-offs and start-ups in the education and ICT sectors that are linked to the UOC’s areas of expertise. The entrepreneurial initiatives come from the whole innovation system around the University.

We principally back companies
  • With a consolidated team that can cover the critical areas of the business.
  • Founded in Spain.
  • With a clear international scope.
  • With a defined minimum viable product (MVP).
  • With a maximum pre-money valuation of one million euros.
Our investment model
  • Participative loan or capital.
  • With the possibility of co-investment, but preferably as lead investors.
  • Up to €100,000.

Invergy in 1 minute

Meet our beneficiaries

BCN Resol

The UOC will participate in the share capital with €75,000 of BCN Resol ODR SOLUTIONS, S.L. BCN Resol has developed two ICT solutions to detect and manage conflicts that may arise in schools (B-resol) and in the business environment (Co-resol). With the investment, the UOC is reinforcing its desire to foster society's economic development by promoting innovative companies that strengthen the ties between business, knowledge and society.


Digital platform that enables the management and monitoring of the distribution of food donations to families experiencing financial hardship. It has received a first investment from Invergy of €40,000 with a participatory loan. eQuàliment is aimed at social services, social welfare managers and food distributors like the food bank Banc dels Aliments, the Red Cross, Càritas and local NGOs.

Immersium Studio

Immersium Studio is a UOC spin-off specializing in applying immersive technologies – Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR) – in education, culture and tourism. Its activities focus on development and use of an immersive learning platform to work on students' and teachers' competencies. They also develop immersive learning experiences that range from 360º videos to digital environments or AR labs. Invergy has a stake in the company having invested €40,000. The UOC is supporting the project as it looks to obtain co-funding through ENISA.


A start-up specializing in creating storytelling experiences using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). It uses a technological platform and system to produce interactive content using AR and VR with a fast turnaround and low production costs. To demonstrate the technology, they have developed NUSHU, an innovative service combining animation, comics and AR in a simple, user-friendly way to meet the growing need to link current affairs and school curricula. Invergy has a stake in the company having invested €60,000. The UOC is supporting the project as it looks to obtain co-funding through ENISA.


SeniorDomo allows people to grow old at home thanks to its remote assistance care for the elderly. The system incorporates a 24-hour smart watch that detects emergency situations, such as accidents, inactivity or disorientation, proactively and without the need to press any button, from inside and outside the home. The solution geolocates the elderly person using GPS and allows them to be contacted by voice without having to make any call. Invergy has financed the project with an investment of 75,000 euros through a participatory loan.