Three UOC start-ups singled out at the 2024 Talent Awards for Social Impact and Innovation


Three UOC start-ups singled out at the 2024 Talent Awards for Social Impact and Innovation

Premis Talent
Premis Talent 2024

Three start-ups linked to the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) Hubbik entrepreneurship platform have been distinguished for their outstanding work at the 2024 Talent Awards organized by the Impulsa Talentum Foundation at a ceremony held as part of Integrated Systems Europe (ISE). The awards, which promote innovation and impact in a variety of categories, went to a range of projects that are transforming society with their disruptive ideas.


Senior Domo, by Ángel Puertas, won the Talent Award for Services. This start-up has been hailed for its cutting-edge technology to protect older people. It uses an advanced system to automatically identify situations of risk, giving both older people and their families an additional degree of safety and peace of mind.


Opground, by Jordi Vall, won the Talent Award for Tech Innovation. The members of the jury were impressed by Opground's innovative approach to online recruitment. The platform uses artificial intelligence to efficiently put businesses looking for tech talent into contact with qualified professionals, optimizing the selection process and fostering a more dynamic and competitive job market.


AutisMIND, by Alex Escolà, won the Talent Award for Solidarity-Equality. Alex has been praised for his dedication to supporting children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). His app looks to foster theory of mind and social thinking in people on the spectrum, providing them with valuable tools for their emotional well-being and development.


The 2024 Talent Awards showcase the innovation and positive impact on society of projects from different fields, ranging from technology to social inclusion. These three start-ups bear witness to the power of innovation to drive significant change and improve people's quality of life.