Come to the SpinUOC 2022 final, 10 years generating impact


Come to the SpinUOC 2022 final, 10 years generating impact

#SpinUOC 2022, 10 years generating impact

Sign up to see the SpinUOC final; on 30 June we'll be celebrating the 10th anniversary of the UOC's entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer programme, with eight innovative new projects

The event will be held in hybrid format, both in person and streamed live

With the 2022 SpinUOC programme's second phase now concluded, the panel of experts has chosen eight projects – based on their innovative nature, their feasibility, the team behind them, their strategic alignment and their social impact – to compete as finalists.

The final will be held at 7 p.m. on 30 June at Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm. The eight projects selected by the jury will be presented on stage, and the members of the teams behind them - UOC students, graduates and staff members - will present them to the members of the jury and the public. If you would like to attend in person, you can register at the following link and  to follow it by streaming in this link


Finalists of the tenth SpinUOC programme:

Autismind, an application to help people with autism understand, interact and adapt, using a platform with interactive videos.

Genomabs provides a precise preventive personalization service for monoclonal antibody therapies. It uses a small biological sample to carry out a genomic study in order to assess the likely effectiveness of certain therapies based on a patient's genetic predispositions.

Maddi legal, whose Easydoc tool combines legal design techniques and digital signature technology to explain and affix a digital signature to any contract or other legal document.

Mirou, a highly accessible video communication app for people with high levels of highly dependency (both physical and cognitive) who are isolated in social and healthcare facilities.

Peerpod, an application for creating and listening to school podcasts aimed at families and the educational community all the way from primary school to the final years of secondary school, focusing on content creation by students under their teachers' or tutors' supervision. Families can enjoy these podcasts in their free time as a form of educational entertainment away from screens.

Sensit is an academic start-up whose mission is to bring technology closer to users using gamification. It does this by providing a physical learning kit with a variety of technological components, such as various types of sensors, screens, LEDs, buttons or switches so users can learn their lessons on its interactive learning platform while playing around with all the kit's features.

Theker is an innovative AI technology for microelectronic soldering and desoldering on any board. It is aimed at the electronics and semiconductor industry.

Yeira, an online learning experience platform (LXP) that makes it quicker to create offers for courses (private, open, diplomas, etc.) with e-commerce. Its automated model, which includes pricing, democratizes access to next-generation e-learning technology in Ibero-America, helping improve the quality of the online training programmes available.

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