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Alumni mentoring

UOC alumni mentoring for Hubbik start-ups and spin-offs

At the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) we champion our community's talent. 

As part of this pursuit, we connect UOC alumni who embody the entrepreneurial spirit, have an outstanding professional background and show a clear desire to help others with start-ups from our University community. These start-ups are able to grow and strive for greater success thanks to the knowledge and experience our alumni bring to the table as mentors.

The alumni mentoring programme lasts for six months and is structured into four stages: discovery, definition, guidance and assessment.

Throughout the different stages, participating entrepreneurs receive in-person or online guidance from their mentor in month-to-month meetings organized as part of their jointly outlined action plan.

If you are a mentor

  • Innovation

Participation in the start-up ecosystem and discovery of the latest trends in innovation. 

  • Social impact

Self-realization by putting your talent into the hands of the UOC's entrepreneurial community. 

  •  Membership in the UOC's entrepreneurial community

Access to the online incubator provided by Hubbik, the UOC platform that fosters entrepreneurship, results transfer and open innovation.

  • Networking

Interaction with the UOC's entrepreneurial community and participation in networking activities. 

  • Recognition

Recognition as a UOC mentor on Hubbik's website, as well as visibility in news items and at SpinUOC, the UOC's entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer event.

  • Alumni Premium

Free, one-year subscription to Alumni Premium.

If you are a start-up or spin-off

  • Expert advice

Receive advice from entrepreneurial and business management experts with vast experience in their fields of knowledge.

  • Access to the sector

Get your foot in the door to your sector of interest thanks to your mentor's knowledge and connections.

  •  Networking

Join a network of high-value contacts.

  •  UOC knowledge

Tap into the talent of the UOC community and become a more integral member.

If you are a mentor

  • UOC community: You must be a UOC student or alumnus and you must not be currently employed by the University. 

  • Professional experience: You must have more than 10 years' experience as an entrepreneur or business executive. 

  • Availability: You must have at least six free hours a month. 

  • Commitment: You must be able to commit to participating for a minimum of six consecutive months.

  • Social component: You must be eager to help others altruistically. 


If you are a start-up or spin-off

  • Hubbik start-up: You must be currently affiliated with Hubbik, the UOC platform that fosters entrepreneurship, results transfer and open innovation.

  • Areas of interest: Preference is awarded to start-ups focused on e-learning or e-health and/or those with a social impact.

  • Phase of the entrepreneurial project: Start-ups must be in the phase of maturing their business idea or growth, and they must have a functional MVP and fully committed staff.

  • Availability: You must have at least six free hours a month.

  • Commitment: You must be able to commit to participating for a minimum of six consecutive months.

Anna Cano

Strategic marketing and communications consultant

Her career in the business sector goes back over twenty years, and she has spent the last ten years focusing on her passion: supporting environmentally conscientious entrepreneurs with their sustainable projects and publicizing their brands, with an integrated approach focused on digital marketing and communications. In the last five years she has specialized in schools, online conferences and launches. These have mostly been for projects possessing conscience and soul, and for professionals well established in their sectors seeking digital transformation. Conscience, her universal keyword, is central to her approach to personal and professional development.


Borja Vega

Head of Private Funding, Ayuda en Acción

He has nearly 20 years of professional experience in social organizations and tech companies. He has spent the last ten years working on his passions: training and sharing knowledge in social marketing, alliances between businesses and society, and corporate volunteering, and helping companies and foundations in a range of sectors to design and roll out social responsibility programmes, creating transformative narratives that connect them to their stakeholders (staff, clients, investors, etc.) and guide them towards sustainability.

He is a member of the Spanish Association of Social Responsibility Executives.


Joan Haro

Partner at Acaudit Consulting and Pragma Solucions 

As an economist, Mr Haro specializes in finance and management control. For over 30 years now he has been helping businesses and entrepreneurs at the beginning and end of their projects' life cycles, pinpointing the most common reasons for success and failure. 

He is a member of the Registry of Forensic Economists (REFOR), Cumplen and the Spanish Association of Privacy Professionals (APEP). 


Júlia de Pedro

Senior Insights Manager at Spotahome

Ms de Pedro is passionate about using technology as a means of building sustainable advantages in companies. She has amassed 15 years' experience in marketing and strategy in businesses on the IBEX 35 and in hot start-ups. She loves coming up with new ideas and making things happen, and is happy to help small projects turn into big successes.  


Leonard Glab

Managing Director at GLAB2B Marketing

Mr Glab is an adjunct professor at EADA Business School and Pompeu Fabra University. He is the founder and strategic consultant of GLAB2B and an accredited advisor for ACCIÓ (Government of Catalonia), where he supports SMEs and entrepreneurs in transforming the business processes of their marketing, sales and customer service departments in order to foster their growth and improve their client relations.


Miguel Ángel Claver 

Head of Operational & Digital Transformation at Zurich Insurance

Mr Claver has extensive experience in strategic and IT consulting in a range of sectors, including telecommunications, public administration and construction. He has specialized in insurance for the past 18 years, undertaking roles in several multinational companies, such as Winterthur, Allianz and Zurich Insurance, where he is currently carrying out operational and digital transformation projects in the field of insurance technology. He has invested in start-ups in the service sector and those engaged in last-mile logistics.




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