Funding entrepreneurial projects


Programme opened
May 2018

Funding entrepreneurial projects

Do you know how to obtain the investment for your project?
Do you know how to obtain the investment for your project?

Capsule to inform the entrepreneur about formulas for gaining access to the investment required to develop their project.

The course will cover the basic concepts about investment alternatives in entrepreneurial initiatives and external funding using internal and external instruments and crowdfunding and crowdsourcing platforms.

This capsule is part of Guidance in the entrepreneurial process program with other programmes  previously offered by Hubbik: Business Idea Generation and Maturing, Legal Issues for Entrepreneurs,and Communication for entrepreneurs.

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  • Know what business angels are and how they work.
  • Discover how good investment opportunities are identified.
  • Detect the key points for the success of an investment process.
  • Use networking to find funding.
  • Foster an investment-friendly culture.

Research staff and entrepreneurs working at the UOC who have a business idea that could be transformed into a business option.

Theoretical training animated with video presentations that help give concrete form to each module's content. At the end of the course, a questionnaire is completed to verify the knowledge attained .

The training programme is structured in eight modules that answer the main doubts that may arise with respect to legal aspects when looking for funding and investors.

Module 1. Business angels: who they are, what they do, what they are like and why they do it

Module 2. Identification of investment opportunities

Module 3. Qualitative criteria and methods for rating companies in the start-up phase

Module 4. Negotiation

Module 5. Partners' agreement and clauses to protect the investor's interests

Module 6. Closing the investment operation

Module 7. Legal aspects concerning the investor (roles, responsibilities, membership of the Board of Directors, vehicle, etc) and the investment (tax, etc)

Module 8. Divestment: divestment process, taxation of capital gains and losses

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