Submit your entrepreneurial projects for #SpinUOC 2023 now!


Submit your entrepreneurial projects for #SpinUOC 2023 now!

The participants of the 2022 edition of SpinUOC

SpinUOC 2023, on the theme of "the innovation ecosystem", aims to follow in the footsteps of previous editions as a benchmark for creating impact and innovation for the future. #SpinUOC is taking place for the 11th time and aims to promote innovative entrepreneurial projects inspired by the knowledge of students, alumni, teaching staff, research staff, course instructors and administrative staff at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC).


#SpinUOC is developed by Hubbik, the UOC's platform to promote entrepreneurship and open innovation in the university's fields of expertise. Examples of the innovative and technological projects eligible for submission include applications and electronic devices, ideas that solve social problems, and initiatives that improve our day-to-day lives. Proposals based on a bachelor's or master's degree final project and even projects that are still under way are also eligible.


The proposals submitted will receive advice and help to define and grow the business model. Eight finalist projects will then be selected by a jury of experts to be presented in public at a final gala ceremony. These eight initiatives will also receive personalized advice adapted to the different needs of each project, alongside individualized guidance for preparing presentations for the day of the event.


The entire process will culminate on 29 June 2023 with a ceremony at the former Estrella Damm brewery, where the eight projects developed by members of the UOC community will be presented to the audience in just five minutes. This is their chance to attract their interest from people willing to promote them or develop them in their sectors.


Three cash prizes will be awarded to finalists in this 11th edition: one of €3,000 for the best entrepreneurial project, and two of €2,000; one for the best project with a social impact, awarded by the Ramon Molinas Foundation, and the other for the best presentation, which will be chosen by the audience attending the SpinUOC event. The eight finalists will also be issued with tickets for the 2024 edition of 4 Years From Now (4YFN), the mobile phone industry's entrepreneurship fair organized by the Mobile World Congress.


If you have an innovative project and think your idea is what we are looking for, take part in SpinUOC 2023! Simply fill out this form to register. If you would like more information, you can consult the conditions for taking part in #SpinUOC 2023.


The programme is developed by Hubbik, the UOC's platform to promote entrepreneurship and open innovation in the university's fields of expertise, with support from Estrella Damm, Foment del Treball, Ramon Molinas Foundation, Seed&Click, 4 Years From Now and the Catalan Ministry of Business and Knowledge's Department for Universities and Research. It also receives co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).