SpinUOC: registration for our annual entrepreneurship and innovation event is now open


SpinUOC: registration for our annual entrepreneurship and innovation event is now open

To mark the seventh SpinUOC we'll be presenting eight promising projects from the university community

Would you like to take part in a UOC entrepreneurial project? Do you study or have you studied at the University and do you want to make your business plan come true? On 13 June you’ll be able to hear first-hand about eight projects with lots of potential at the UOC's 7th annual entrepreneurship event, SpinUOC. From 7.00 pm, the stage at the former Estrella Damm Brewery in Barcelona (Carrer del Rosselló, 515) will be the venue for the protagonists ─ students, graduates and workers at the UOC ─ to talk about their projects in an innovative way. 

The UOC backs entrepreneurship

A panel of experts has selected eight initiatives for their innovative nature, potential and social impact. The project promoters will creatively and briefly explain their proposals, with just five minutes per presentation, at an event where networking ─ with snacks and drinks courtesy of Estrella Damm ─ will be the star, along with live music and lots of surprises.

The projects

Alblin: inclusive, accessible e-commerce for all

Felipe de Abajo Aragón, student on the UOC's University Master's Degree in Education and ICT (E-learning) programme

An online store that allows blind and visually-impaired people to buy products with a Braille tag. This is a social project offered by volunteers to provide users with a mentoring and assistance service. In addition, the aim is to set up a consultancy to offer adapted and affordable accessibility solutions for e-commerce platforms that want to be more inclusive for people with visual impairments.

ApplicAID: bringing opportunities for education to those who most need them

Pelumi Fadare, student on the UOC's University Master's Degree in Social Media: Management and Strategy programme

An online tutorial system to help students in the application process for scholarships, subsidies and other educational opportunities. ApplicAid is a platform that connects students who need guidance and financial support with expert mentors. The mentors offer personalized assistance via the platform and help students increase their chances of success by an average of 60%.

Chordata: a motion capture suit that meets your needs and your budget

Flavia Laurencich, specialist in the UOC's Legal Office

Chordata is a motion capture system that analyses and records of human movement and transfer it to a 3D model. It is a system, made with open code, that aims to open up motion capture and make it accessible to the general public. To achieve this, the product cuts the cost of the most reasonably priced alternatives on the market by 50%. In addition, Chordata allows users to adapt the capture clothing to their own needs.

Dicus: WhatsApp for doctors

Lorena Jané, holder of a University Master's Degree in Legal Practice from the UOC

Dicus is a free app aimed at enabling efficient end legal communication between doctors by creating a community exclusively for doctors where consultations are given and patients can be referred. It is an immediate and easy working platform, like an instant messaging app, that avoids the need to use communication channels that breach patient data protection laws. The program enables speedy and secure communications in addition to saving on the loss of time spent looking for a specialist, the lack of access to second opinions and unnecessary patient travel.

GoZeroWaste: for a life without plastic and waste

Martí Morato, holder of a Bachelor's Degree in Multimedia from the UOC

Mobile app that helps people live without creating waste and that offers users sustainable consumption alternatives. Go Zero Waste App enables users to create shopping lists that use their geolocation to show nearby shops that sell products that do not create waste. In addition, it allows you to define personalized routes to optimize shopping time, calculate the amount of waste not created, and provides challenges for learning how to maintain a waste-free lifestyle. The app offers home delivery without creating waste or emissions, and it also includes container-collection points to encourage packaging-free shopping.

KidneyApp: improving quality of life through play

Carles Bonet, industrial doctorate student at the UOC

KidneyApp is an app designed to help patients with chronic kidney failure and their families to lead a healthier life. It is a serious game that aims to ensure, in a fun and achievable way, that patients adopt suitable habits in terms of food, physical exercise and mental health. It helps patients know more about their disease and identify the right habits to improve their lifestyle. The app also aims to improve the patient’s frame of mind and their surroundings to have a positive impact on their overall health.

SeniorDomo: letting people grow old at home

Ángel Puertas, student on the UOC's Executive MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation 

SeniorDomo allows people to grow old at home thanks to its remote assistance care for the elderly. The system incorporates a 24-hour smart watch that detects accidents, such as falls or inactivity, proactively and without the need to press any button, from inside and outside the home. The solution geolocates the elderly person using GPS and allows them to be contacted by voice without having to make any call. In addition, a team of social workers publish detailed reports on the app based on the monitoring that they have carried out, either by telephone or in person.

Woman’s Back: a custom-made backpack to beat breast cancer

Eulàlia Costa, student on the UOC's Bachelor's Degree in Law programme

There are women who have had breast cancer who cannot put pressure on the area or support any weight after their operation. In some cases, they cannot do any physical activity or even carry a backpack. Woman’s Back is a backpack suitable for use by women who have had surgery to remove the lymph nodes from the armpit, which avoids putting weight on the operated shoulder and reduces the risk of lymphoedema of the arm, an inflammation caused by the removal of these nodes. The backpack is an alternative for them to be able to continue to lead an active life and carry belongings comfortably.


SpinUOC is supported by Estrella Damm, Foment del Treball Nacional, the Ramon Molinas Foundation, 4 Years From Now and Seed&Click. This event is co-funded by the UOC’s Knowledge Transfer and Value Creation Strategic Plan (PETER), approved by the Government of Catalonia, which receives funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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