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#SpinUOC 2018

Call for proposals for entrepreneurship and knowledge transfer of the UOC community

If you're a member of the UOC community and you have a project underway that needs some backing, now is the time to let us know! The University has opened a new call for applications for the #SpinUOC entrepreneurship support programme for students, alumni, course instructors, faculty members, researchers or administrative staff.

This year there will be three cash prizes: one for €3,000 and two for €2,000.

You have until 7 January 2018 to give us details about what your project involves (regardless of its current level of development) by filling in this form.

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The proposal registration process starts with publication of these rules and closes on 7 January 2018. If you have a project that meets the #SpinUOC criteria, simply complete the following online form to submit it.

Once registration has been accepted, participants must follow the itinerary explained in this infographic.

Phase 1: Initial training and project pre-selection

All the projects entered in this call will receive training in the entrepreneurial process given by the HUBBIK online platform, which will be enabled once registration is accepted under the terms established by the organizers.

The training will consist of a fully online course about Business Idea Generation and Maturing, with an estimated duration of 40 hours.

At the same time, candidates must take part in two group sessions (with each session lasting three hours) which will be given in a blended format (candidates can either attend on-site or view it by streaming) in January 2018, on defining the business model and lean startup methodology (preparation of a business model canvas) and communication techniques (preparing the pitch).

This part of the process (training and initial guidance) will not be compulsory if you have stated on the registration form that you have taken part in other entrepreneurship education or support processes (supporting documentation will be requested).

The compulsory documentation for assessing the project must be submitted from 8 January to 4 February 2018, which is the closing date of this phase, as follows: an explanatory canvas of the business model and an explanatory video of the project, with a maximum duration of 90 seconds. The requirements for preparing and sending these documents are explained at the end of these rules, in the terms and conditions.

At the end of this phase, a technical assessment committee will pre-select a maximum of 20 projects, analysing the documentation submitted on the basis of the following criteria: innovativeness, market transferability, the project leader's presentation skill and social impact.

The list of pre-selected projects will be published after 15 February.

Phase 2: Individualized guidance for the pre-selected projects

The pre-selected projects will take part in a second compulsory personalized guidance and training phase with support by an expert mentor (a maximum of five hours), which will last from 15 February to 16 March 2018.

The goal pursued by these mentorships is to resolve the projects' specific needs in different areas, such as value proposition, channels, sources of income or customer segments, in order to enable in-depth development of the business model through an evolved canvas, with the documents that may be necessary to explain it.

Upon completing this guidance phase, the participants must submit the following documentation by 16 March at the latest: an evolved version of the canvas, that explains the business model, and a video explaining the project with a maximum duration of 90 seconds (which may be new or the same video presented in the first phase, as the participant thinks best).

Terms and conditions.

In this edition, three prizes will be awarded among the eight projects selected, which will be decided at the event:

  • Award for the best entrepreneurial project, endowed with 3,000 euros.
  • Ramon Molinas Award for the best project with social impact, that is, the project that contributes the greatest transformations and the greatest social progress, sponsored by the Ramon Molinas Foundation and endowed with 2,000 euros.
  • Audience award for the best presentation, endowed with 2,000 euros.

The eight projects presented at the event will be given a ticket for the 2019 edition of 4 Years From Now (4YFN), the Mobile World Congress's entrepreneurship fair, where they will be able to promote the projects. In addition, some of these eight projects will be given a space on the UOC's stand at 4YFN 2019.

After completing the second personalized guidance phase, a jury will analyse the pre-selected proposals in order to choose the eight best projects, evaluating the documentation submitted on the basis of the following criteria: strategic alignment, novelty, technology/knowledge involved, feasibility and the project leader's entrepreneurial and presentation skills.

The decision will be announced on 19 March 2018.

Jury members

  • Juan Álvarez, founder of Seed&Click and vice-president of AEBAN (Spanish Association of Business Angels Networks).
  • Joan Arnedo, professor at the UOC's Faculty of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications.
  • Eduard Bosch, deputy general manager of Finance and Resources at the UOC.
  • Xavier Jaumejoan, ACCIÓ's head of Technological Business Development.
  • Maria Mora, manager of the Business Creation Office at Foment del Treball Nacional.
  • Esteban Redolfi, programme director, Mobile World Capital.
  • Mireia Riera, director of the UOC Knowledge Transfer and Research Support Office (OSRT).
  • Santi Ruana, CEO of IPM and collaborator with the Ramon Molinas Foundation.
  • Tania Sagaste, ICT investment analist, Caixa Capital Risc.
  • Enric Serradell, director of MBA Programmes, Faculty of Economics and Business.
  • Germán Talón, representing UOC alumni.
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