Starting at 7 pm this coming 16 June, the old Estrella Damm brewery will hold the 4th #SpinUOC, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya's (UOC) transferable knowledge event to present the innovative solutions produced by the UOC community to society and industry. Augmented and virtual reality; social mobile applications; art, culture and leisure; collaborative consumption or educational games are just some of the areas covered by this year's star projects.

Once again, the atmosphere of the event will be relaxed, with live music and refreshing beer, while eight projects, selected by a panel from all those that applied, are presented in little more than five minutes each and with only 15 slides. Once all the presentations have been given, there will be a section dedicated to the #SpinMeetings, where speakers and attendees can meet to discuss first-hand the details of the projects. Òscar Dalmau will once again host the event.

The projects selected cover a wide range of types of transferable innovation: promotion and direct sales of art; computerized management of charitable food distribution; creation of video games, educational games and gamified experiences through proximity technologies; offer management for luxury experiences and rebates for the risk of overbooking; development of drawing tools that combine real and digital worlds; augmented and virtual reality experiences; a collaborative consumption platform for university community members to receive or give private classes; or an interactive game on musical knowledge.

You can follow and comment on the event on social media sites with the hashtag #SpinUOC. This year's event is being organized in collaboration with 4YFN, Estrella Damm, Foment del Treball Nacional and Seed & Click.


Come to #SpinUOC 2016 to get a closer look at the projects. Use the following link to sign up or book one of the #SpinMeetings (brief meetings with the leaders of each project).