These terms of use ("Terms of Use") regulate access to and use of the services provided by HUBBIK, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya's (UOC) platform for fostering entrepreneurship, open innovation, support for results transfer and cooperation among the entire UOC community. As user, that is, the person who connects and/or registers, you confirm that you accept these Terms of Use, and also that you agree to receiving electronic communications from the UOC related with the UOC user account you use to participate in this community.

TERMS OF USE - Acceptance

These Terms of Use regulate access to and use of the UOC's HUBBIK services (hereinafter, “HUBBIK”) and users' participation in this initiative, provided online by means of the website hosted under the domain: hubbik.uoc.edu, and contain information concerning your rights and obligations as a HUBBIK user, explaining everything that you can and cannot do within this initiative. It is important that you read them.

The Terms of Use are supplementary to the general terms of use concerning the UOC's digital platforms (published here). Furthermore, they may be complemented with special conditions for certain specific services, communities, initiatives, calls and other HUBBIK activities and initiatives.

Registering with your UOC access passwords as a HUBBIK user signifies your acceptance of these Terms of Use. Likewise, taking part in a specific HUBBIK activity or service signifies your acceptance of the applicable special conditions indicated for this activity. Any breach of these terms may lead to suspension or cancellation of your right of access to this area and termination of any HUBBIK activity you are taking part in.


HUBBIK (from hub, business, innovation and knowledge, also called hereinafter "Service" or "Space") is an open social platform that facilitates entrepreneurship, open innovation, support for results transfer and cooperation among all members of the UOC community and other people involved in HUBBIK.

This Service is administered by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (hereinafter, "UOC" or "we").

Registration, access and use of the Service - Consent

By accessing or using the HUBBIK services, you signify that you have read and accepted all of the provisions contained in these Terms of Use. Acceptance of these Terms of Use is necessary in order to share and cooperate in innovative ideas, solutions and projects within HUBBIK.


You will access this Service with the same access passwords used to access the UOC. These access passwords are confidential and belong to the UOC; you cannot change them on this Service but must use the UOC's usual procedure.

User data

The UOC will manage all of the HUBBIK users' personal information in accordance with its Privacy Policy, with the specific purpose of managing the HUBBIK services and maintaining contact with the users registered on it. You may edit a number of personal data on your profile, but they will only be effective on this Service and for the time that it is operating. Only one user per user name and email address will be authorized within HUBBIK. Any new user data may be revoked if it is already associated with another platform user, if the data are compromised, if the author shares them with any third party or if the UOC cancels your user account in HUBBIK for any reason.

Your data's visibility

One of HUBBIK's goals is to foster cooperation among the entire UOC community, and therefore your first name, surname and UOC email address, and also any other information that you edit in your personal profile, will be visible to all other HUBBIK users. Therefore, by accessing HUBBIK, you give your consent to all the information recorded in your personal profile and the content of the ideas you share in the public space being published on this Service, and therefore, becoming publicly accessible for everyone.

Authorization by the UOC

By virtue of the present Terms of Use, the UOC, as owner of the HUBBIK Service, grants you a limited, temporary, revocable and non-sublicensable licence to make strictly personal use of the Service. Except for the above-stated licence or any other express indication within these Terms of Use or in the Service, any form of copying, distribution, public communication, modification, and, in general, any exploitation of all or part of the content (images, texts, designs, indexes, shapes, videos, etc.) comprising the Service, and also of the databases and software required to view or operate the Service, is prohibited.

Under no circumstances will you be allowed to exploit or use for commercial purposes, whether directly or indirectly, in full or in part, any of the content (images, texts, designs, indexes, shapes, etc.) comprising the community without the UOC's prior written authorization. If you infringe these licensing terms, the UOC will cancel your user account, without prejudice to other consequences that may arise from the infringement.

Use of the HUBBIK services

Access to and use of the HUBBIK Service implies your undertaking and obligation to use it correctly, subject to these Terms of Use and currently valid national and international laws, and the principles of good faith, morality and public order, and with the undertaking to diligently abide by any additional instruction that the UOC may give with respect to use of and access to HUBBIK. You are the sole person responsible for the use you make of your profile on this Service. You are required to make reasonable use of the Service and its content.
Participation in HUBBIK's services - Contributions
By sending content (posts, images, etc.) to the Service, you grant the UOC a perpetual, non-transferable worldwide licence to copy and disseminate this content for publication and use within the community and for the community's purposes. You warrant that you are entitled to contribute this content and grant this licence, and that its publication in HUBBIK will not infringe any third-party right (eg copyright, privacy, honour and reputation, etc.). 


In respect of the HUBBIK services, the UOC only accepts liability for the content it publishes directly in the HUBBIK's Spaces. With respect to contributions by third parties (users and other participants in specific HUBBIK projects), the UOC acts as a mere intermediary that makes available to you its technology platform and provides access to third-party services, and accepts liability solely for the diligence that may be required by law from it with respect to its own services. The UOC will not accept any liability, either directly or indirectly, for misuse or fraudulent or illicit use of the Service by users and other third parties, or for third-party content hosted on the HUBBIK Spaces, or for the services rendered to users by third parties via HUBBIK.

The UOC will do everything that is reasonably possible to ensure the lawfulness of the content, images, comments, opinions and other information communicated by the Service. This notwithstanding, as absolute control is not possible, you will be solely responsible for any manner of information, images, comments, opinions, allusions or content that you communicate, host, transmit, make available or exhibit by means of this platform, and, in particular, you will be solely responsible for maintaining your profile and for any manner of information, images, comments, opinions, allusions or content that you communicate, host, transmit, make available or exhibit on your profile. You will be accountable in all cases to the UOC for the originality of the content you contribute. If this rule is not observed, you will be the sole party liable for third-party claims and indemnities; the UOC is released from any liability for infringements of third-party rights.

In particular, the UOC will not be considered responsible for editorial content and we expressly declare that we are not associated with any of the opinions made by HUBBIK's users or the consequences of such opinions.

We will be able to limit the publication on HUBBIK of content, opinions, information, comments, images or drawings shared by the users. This does not imply any obligation on the part of UOC to control the content that may be disseminated by the Service but rather the desire to prevent, insofar as this is possible, the dissemination of content, comments or opinions via the platform that may be considered defamatory, racist, sexist, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic, violent or in any way counter to morality, public order or common decency, or are clearly illicit or illegal.

Likewise, under no circumstances will the UOC be answerable for:

  • Any manner of damages that may be incurred due to stoppage, termination or malfunction of the Service, for reasons not attributable to the UOC.
  • The existence of viruses or other elements that could disrupt the computer system and/or your mobile terminal.
  • The losses and/or damage that you may suffer as a result of unauthorized third-party access and/or use of your user account on the Service. To this effect, we remind you that you are the sole person responsible for safeguarding the access passwords and the possible damage that may be caused to the UOC and/or third parties as a result of unauthorized use of these passwords.

Special HUBBIK services

HUBBIK offers users from the UOC community a series of services that are applicable to entrepreneurship, open innovation, support for results transfer and cooperation between members of our community, including, among others, the UOC Innovation Community or the Spin UOC transfer event.
Access to and use of special services will imply your acceptance of the applicable special conditions, which will be shown to you when you choose or take part in the service in question. You may save a copy of these Terms of Use of HUBBIK and the conditions for taking part in HUBBIK's activities and special services.


Unless expressly stated here or in the applicable special conditions, you and the UOC undertake to keep confidential any information (including, by way of example: data, content, ideas, graphics, images, plans, service offering, software, etc.) to which you may gain access or receive within the framework of your activities on HUBBIK. You will implement reasonable security measures to maintain this confidentiality and protect any third-party information you may hold.


Your personal data collected on this platform will be processed in accordance with the UOC's data protection policy available here, particularly for the purpose of rendering the HUBBIK services.  
Likewise, within the framework of your professional activities, if applicable, you will treat any personal data to which you may have access or which you receive via HUBBIK in accordance with the applicable legislation on privacy.


The UOC reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time without any retroactive effects; the changes will come into force at the time of their publication [notification of the change will be sent to HUBBIK's registered users].
In all matters not provided in these Terms of Use, the general terms of use and participation on the UOC's digital platforms, published here, will be applicable to HUBBIK's activities.