The aim of this project is to propose a solution that establishes last digital wills and testaments offering sufficient legal and technical security guarantees. This situation cannot at present be considered resolved in Spain as often, when a person dies, their family does not know their last digital will and testament, nor do they know the content posted on the Internet regarding this person or of which information they are the owner. The aim of this initiative is to solve the problems derived from digital acceptance of succession through streamlined and efficient mechanisms that offer the user sufficient guarantees regarding their last digital will and testament. These mechanisms must meet these five requirements: legality, agility, privacy, digital nature and internationalization. The companies that currently provide similar services in the market do not meet all these five requirements, which is why they do not work. The success of this project calls for a figure that meets them.
The project is headed up by UOC Multimedia Degree course student, Paula Rubiralta.