Augmented reality is a technology available to everyone that, by using an iPhone or touch tablet, enables you to expand the real information of an object or location with digital information (graphic, audiovisual documents, etc.). For some years, the UOC's Augmented Reality Laboratory has been creating augmented realities for the University's students and lecturers as well as companies and institutions. One of the most notable collaborations was that carried out in conjunction with CosmoCaixa. The project was headed up by Education Technology researcher, Luis Villarejo. 
The UOC contacted the museum to introduce the technology to the exhibitions managers and introduce them to the possibilities that augmented reality has to offer by giving an added value to the exhibitions and visitor experience. Of all the pieces in the museum, the triceratops skull was chosen as an initial showcase, providing an opportunity to view a photorealistic-quality 3D animated model through augmented reality recognition.